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Dubai Desert Safaris
Dubai Desert Safaris
Dubai Desert Safaris

Dubai Desert Safaris

All Day Desert Safaris

Flexible start timings give you the option to plan your day at leisure and choose between morning, afternoon or evening start times.

Evening Desert Safaris

Spectacular sunsets over the rolling sand dunes, and wonderful photography opportunities - opt for an evening desert safari for a perfect end to your day.

Thrilling Desert Safaris

Embark on an amazing desert experience with our team of experts, offering award-winning activities! Our desert trips use comfortable 4x4 SUVs, ensuring a smooth and exciting adventure through the shifting sands. In the heart of UAE's majestic deserts, our team ensures your desert adventure is not just a journey but a collection of experiences. Book your ticket to the uncharted, and let the desert reveal its secrets in the most thrilling way possible!

Convenience on Wheels

No more worries about how to get there! We offer stress-free pickup and drop-off services from your Dubai hotel. Imagine not having to think about transportation – just pure excitement for the adventure ahead. We're not just guides; we're your travel buddies, making sure your journey is easy from start to finish.

Activities Galore

Enhance your desert experience with custom activities. Want an adrenaline rush? Try quad biking. Just want a taste of thrill? Try sandboarding or a leisurely camel ride - both activities are included on most of our tours! Our award-winning adventures offer a variety of experiences for you to enjoy.

Expert Guides, Desert Enthusiasts

Meet our experienced guides and desert fans who don't just lead the way but share stories about the desert. Their knowledge ensures you explore hidden spots, less crowded by tourists. Get ready to be amazed by their tales and the stunning landscapes!

Capture the Moments

Get ready for great photos as you explore untouched sand dunes around Dubai. Every turn presents exciting photo opportunities, creating memories that will be the talk of your friends. Share your adventures and let everyone be captivated by your desert stories.

Flexible Timings for Maximum Enjoyment

No need to follow a strict schedule! Our desert adventures are designed to fit your holiday plans. With flexible timings all day, you can choose when to go. Sunrise or sunset – it's up to you.